Its is with great sadness, that the Natural Health Society is being wound up from February 2018. The final meeting will be held on 3 April 2018 at the Unley Community Centre for Members ONLY at 7.30pm.

The history of the Society is below. Unfortunately the internet has been a major contributing factor in the demise of the Society with its ready access of information. Thank you to all who have supported over the many years since it has been operating.

The Natural Health Society SA was founded in 1962 by John Fielder ND and a small group of health enthusiasts. They were inspired by a visiting lecturer, Martin Pretorius ND from America, to form a group and have regular meetings on natural health-related subjects given by a guest speaker.

Speakers have included Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Alternative Medicine Doctors, Reflexologists, Herbalists, Dentists and Podiatrists who have spoken of the latest well-being practices in their area.

There have been other speakers on such topics as Organic Gardening, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Sound Pollution, Mental Health, Electromagnetic Radiation and Natural Eye Care.

Meetings were originally held monthly but are now held bi-monthly. Please click here for the next meeting date.

A newsletter was introduced which has health information and tips for well- being. This is available to members.

The Society has also built up an extensive library of books, CDs and DVDs for members to borrow.

As part of the preparation for the Society’s 50th Anniversary in 2012, a history was prepared – “The N.H.S. Story, The First 50 Years: 1962-2012.”

Some of the notable speakers over the years have been:

  • Dr Ann Wigmore, Founder and Director of Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston USA (late 1977 and again in late 1984)
  • Ross Horne, author of “The Health Revolution” series of books (1982).
  • Elizabeth Baker and her husband Dr Elton Baker, from America. Elizabeth spoke on “Cancer, degenerative diseases, allergies and Vitamin C” (late 1985). A workshop was held the following day on “Can you depend on your immune system when modern diseases strike?”
  • Hal Huggins from America, dentist and researcher. The theme of his talk was “Amalgam – A Cause of Illness.” (1988)
  • Bob Lucy from Sydney spoke on the topic of “Digestive and Liver Disorders” in 1989.

In more recent times some of the speakers have included:

  • Neville Bonner spoke on “Knowing, growing and eating Native Food Plants” in March 2017
  • Bev Lane, an Herbalist and Botanist spoke on “Unexpected use of Common Plants” in December 2016
  • Pam Marshall spoke on “Practical sustainability in the home: replacing consumer products with safer alternatives” in Nov 2016

The Society had a Food Catering Stall at the Earth Fair at Wayville Showgrounds from 1978 to 1987 to raise money for the Society. It was a great success. A Cookbook, “Living health for Vitality,” was put together by a small Committee (1978) and reprinted several times.