Southern Hills Ultimate (SHU) is a newly affiliated club who meets on a weekly basis to play social pick-up games of Ultimate Frisbee for good fun and a good workout. Anyone of any experience level is welcome to join! There is also an opportunitiy to play in the city State league with SHU for a bit more competition. See “Our history” and more under the Documents tab to learn more about our club. See “Members” under the Get Involved tab to see member spotlights and read why some real people play Ultimate.



What is Ultimate Frisbee? Ultimate is a high-cardio, non-contact, self-officiated sport. The goal is to pass the disc (or “Frisbee”) between your teammates from one end zone to the other, earning a point when the disc is caught in your end zone. If the other team intercepts the disc or it touches the ground, then the other team is in possession of the disc and your team becomes defence. See “Rules of the game” under the Documents tab for more and to see a video explaining how it works.



SHU meets for practice followed by a pick-up game Sunday nights from 4-6p.m. at Anembo Park (Mount Barker, South Australia 5250). Anyone welcome!

The State League teams practice at the same place on Wednesdays, 6:30-8p.m. For all other events or maps please see the calendar to the right.



Why play Ultimate Frisbee? Because it is a high-spirited game, good exercise, a great way to make new friends, and so much fun! Plus, you can get cool swag. See “Merchandise” under the Get Involved tab to see said swag.



How can you join such great fun? Just show up to any pick-up games or events! No previous experience needed. You can also join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or email us using the links below. See “Merchandise”, “Donations”, and “Submit” under the Get Involved tab for more ways to get involved with this club.