Stamp Out Suicide Yorke Peninsula, affectionately known as ”SOS Yorkes”, was founded in late 2014.

SOS Yorkes is the result of like-minded individuals recognising the need for a group to focus on community mental health initiatives and working towards reducing the risk of suicide.

SOS Yorkes has been assisted in their development  by SA Health through the physical and financial resources of the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist.  The group is a member of the Network of Networks, through which it is linked to other suicide prevention networks across South Australia.

The ending of one’s life through suicide is a tragedy that impacts the entire community.  The suicide prevention networks goal is to help build resilience and a person’s ability to recover  from difficulties in life.

They will create awareness of how individuals can contribute to building a safer community free of suicide through providing information and education as well as organising and supporting events and activities.

Everyone is valuable to our community.

Many people are also hurting from the complex grief of understanding the suicide of loved members of their families, friends, workmates in the local Yorke Community.

The SOS Yorkes team aims to help breakdown the stigma around suicide so that as a community, we are comfortable to start a conversation, to be confident in recognising concerning behaviour that may lead to suicide and comfort each other with consideration, kindness, care and support when we find ourselves dealing with the aftermath of a suicide.

SOS Yorkes is an Incorporated Association and works as a community  organisation covering the Yorke Peninsula Council’s area.

Acknowledgement of the Narangga People:

We would like to acknowledge the land we work on today as the traditional land of the Narangga People and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their Country.

We also acknowledge the Narangga people as the Custodians of this Region and that their Heritage and Cultural Beliefs are still important to the living Narangga people today.