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Blyth is an exciting town in the Mid North of South Australia with unlimited opportunities. Blyth’s farming community spans on the plains between the Clare Hills in the east and the Barunga Ranges in the west. Blyth’s town population is 320 people with a further 100 people living on farms, and has an average rainfall of 400mm. The district’s climate and soil are well suited to growing cereal, legumes, hay, olives, cattle, sheep and pigs.

Although Blyth has lost some services to Clare 15kms away, other businesses have grabbed the opportunity and made the move to Blyth, enjoying the tranquillity, space, community, lifestyle, weather and lower costs of living, especially property.A new residential subdivision “Benbournie Estate” was officially opened in 2006, and as of September 2016 has 33 new homes.


In 1989 a design for a Blyth flag was selected from 26 entries. The final design depicts yellow for our golden grain, blue for the clear blue skies, red for the historical sporting colours, green for the new winter season and finally the Southern Cross a feature of our night skies. The flag is flown at Padnaindi Reserve at special community events.

The Blyth Cinema was named the 2008 Westpac Community Idol, competing with hundreds of entrants Australia wide. Blyth cares for its environment having planted 100,000 trees on the plains during the last 21 years; Solar panels have been installed on seven Blyth community buildings to reduce energy consumption; a storm water catchment was developed in 2000 and waters the lawn tennis courts and town oval.


In 2015 saw the unveiling of seven interpretive signs depicting the sites of schools in the Blyth district.

In 2008 Blyth was named KESAB Best Small Town in South Australia

In 2010 Blyth was named KESAB’S Best Sustainable Mid North Town.

Blyth is well known to its district neighbours for its strong small community and big spirit and not being scared to “have a go”.


Blyth is fortunate to have a large base of skillful and willing volunteers who freely give their time and trade to continually upgrade the facilities in the district.

Blyth is serviced by the Wakefield Regional Council (office in Balaklava) and Everard Waste Station.

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