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AUSTRALIA DAY – On 26th January of each year the Blyth community gathers at Padnaindi Reserve to celebrate this occasion.   The Blyth Progress Association organises this event and the Wakefield Regional Council funds the meat and salads, and those attending bring along a delicious dessert.  BYO chairs and drinks.





ANZAC DAY –Numbers attending continue to grow each year at the short service organised by Blyth Progress Association.   WRC Councillor for our Ward lays a wreath as well as those of the community who may have lost a loved one in any war.  A morning tea is held at Padnaindi Reserve after the service.




CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL – The major community event on the year’s calendar which is usually held within the week before Christmas.  The Blyth Main Street (Harley Street) is closed to traffic for the night and local volunteers from various clubs/organisations operate stalls throughout the night.  The children have the opportunity to win prizes in the fancy dress and decorated bike competitions and of course tell Father Christmas their “wish list”.  Other current competitions include Best Quandong dessert, Water Balloon Throwing Championships. This is a great time for the locals and farmers to talk about the past year.

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