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Get Involved

Coastcare groups all over Australia participate in all sorts of activities in some awesome places from:
  1. Looking for beach nesting birds on some far-out beaches
  2. Removing plants that have escaped from gardens and become weeds
  3. Collecting seeds from native plants and growing plants to return to sites that are being cared for
  4. Surveying what sort of debris washes up on the coast
We have activities for all ages, interests, and skills.

There is physical outdoors work like:

  • Planting trees
  • Adopting a beach
  • Cleaning up marine debris
  • Removing weeds


There is less physical work like:

  • Caring for seedlings in the nursery
  • Managing social media pages
  • Watching out for shorebirds



“The more people that get involved the more we can achieve”

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