We offer our Members a large variety of Activities that can be shared with your partner.    Browse the following pages to see what would suit your needs. In fact, many activities are suggested by our Members.

Due to rapid spread of the Covid-19 corona virus, and the restrictions in force by the Australian Government, it is required that we cancel the May Probus meeting and your Committee will review the June and subsequent meetings at their next Committee meeting. We apologise for this, however, the health and safety of our Members is of paramount importance and we are sure that you will all understand the need for this move. Information regarding Marion Probus activities will be sent by emailed Newsletter to all members.

As you would be painfully aware, we are restricted to our homes for the duration of the Covid-19 corona virus Pandemic. Due to this, sadly our Mystery Bus Tour has been cancelled. It is not certain, when or if we will organise another tour. This will be decided by our Activities Officer, Gary James, and in due course, he will advise the new situation. Please contact Gary on 8270 5646 regarding the reimbursement of fees paid.

For and on behalf of Gary James.




Diary of Activities May – this list is updated monthly and is great way of keeping your Diary full of great events at Marion Probus.


MARION COMPUTER GROUP – many Members are keen to expand their knowledge and expertise with computers and we meet monthly to exchange ideas and solutions.


Coffee & ChatFEEL  like a coffee / tea or whatever and a chat to solve the problems of the State and the World or even our Club.  We have two regular coffee mornings.

The first is: Come  to SPARGOS at Westfield Marion  (South East corner on 1st  Floor) at 9.00 am on every SATURDAY mornings and join in the Fellowship.

The second is: Marion Probus Members and Partners are cordially invited to Coffee & Chat held on the 3rd Friday of the Month at the Marion Cultural Centre on Diagonal Road, Marion. Our next meeting in April has been cancelled due to Covid-19 RestrictionsLiam McKeough. This is an ideal way to get to know members and their partners and socialise in a pleasant atmosphere. No booking necessary…just turn up!


MUSIC GROUP ‘Music is the food of the soul’ and our group meets monthly to swap tracks and ideas on music of any genre. All forms – CD, Vinyl, USB and tapes


 WALKING GROUP  Meets every Monday morning at 9.00 am in the Club Marion's carpark from where they head to  destination selected by the "Leader of the Day".  The walk is followed by a coffee at a local cafe. Wives/partners and friends are welcome to participate in the walks. Hello to all our exercise lovers! We are told that we should spend 30 minutes daily on exercise. However, you will have to organise your own exercise routine, as the Walking Group has decided to cancel all further walks for the time being – Chris Yeates

When the Monday walk clashes with a Club General Meeting or a Public Holiday,  the group walks on the Tuesday.  Walking – Organiser Chris Yeates  (8277 8708)


10 PIN BOWLING – we meet twice a month at Marion Bowland for a morning of fun and great friendship with 10 Pin Bowling. Loads for fun and with coffee & cake to follow. Due to the restrictions in place regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus, we have cancelled all further 10 Pin Bowling until further notice.    Thanks Kevin D


AFTER MEETING LUNCH  – Club Marion provides wonderful support to the Probus Club of Marion and as such we encourage members to use the facilities of Club Marion. After our monthly meeting, a group of members stay for lunch at the Club. There is a monthly lunch special costing $16.00 including a free drink or order from the al la carte menu. Please join us for a meal after the meeting.

Club Marion is closed due to the Covid-19, coronavirus restrictions. This closure applies to all activities held at the Club, including our General Meetings, Committee Meetings, Computer and Music groups and Lunches.        Further advice as it becomes available.