Our Club prides itself on providing a large variety of tours and Visits to numerous places and all are well supported by our members

Capri Theatre 12th March, 2020

 20 Members and partners enjoyed a morning tea provided by the friends of the theatre followed by a talk on the history and redevelopment of the theatre. The theatre was built in 1941 in the art-deco style of that time and purchased by the Theatre Organ Society in1978. They have installed the unique world class Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ in the theatre and have been restoring the interior of the theatre since, using photos and journal articles, after the theatre was stripped of many of its art-deco features in the 50's and 60's. We were then taken inside, where John Slater demonstrated the features and functioning of the organ. We then had a silent movie without and with the organ accompanying and boy did the organ make a difference! The visit finished with  excerpts of well-known Holliwood tunes as John disappeared in the bowels of the stage. The day finished with a lovely lunch at the Goodwood Hotel down the road.

To see more photos, please click on this link   Capri Theatre visit

Christmas Dinner 2019 – 10th December 2019

Over 130 members and partners enjoyed Christmas lunch at Club Marion. We welcomed Nicole Flint MP, Federal Member for BOOTHBY, Chris Hanna, Mayor of the City of Marion and Santa who joined us for the the lunch. To see photos of the event, please click on the link below.

Christmas dinner 2019 (1)

Mt Barker Getaway and SteamRanger trip – 26-27 October 2019

36 members and families, 13 of whom stayed over on the weekend in cabibs at the Mt Barker Caravan Park, rode the 621 Duke of Edinburgh steam train to Victor Harbor and back. The train trip, organised by Richard Venebles, was an enjoyable, nostalgic trip past fields of lush green crops, grazing country, beachside views and racing kangaroos. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all participants. To see a video of the actual Steamranger trip, click on the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=y9CPfzKaR00&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR34ZQY-qTM0L9FecVs1jCZFzzuxtOrN0pFC1UVaulpRG3kf45pBc0iD_kw

For a full report of the Getaway & Steamranger trip by David Manning, see the link  D Mannings Mt Barker Report

Visit to the ArtLab, Adelaide Library – 16th October 2019

Nine members had a very interesting tour of the ArtLab facilities at the Adelaide Cental Library and lunch afterwards at the Museum cafe.

ARTLAB TOUR Wednesday 16th October 2019








True to Probus tradition, we all arrived early and eager to depart on our near new Flagstaff Coach, driven by David Morton, the owner of the Bus line.  David Jarman, our tour organiser & Director, has travelled more than 30 times to the Flinders Ranges with Westminster College student groups. It eventuated that David had taught Tony Smith, the owner of Rawnsley Park Station. Both David’s have an intimate knowledge of the Ranges 600million year Geological history; including that of Aboriginal and European settlers.

We visited numerous places including Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorges, many original homesteads, ruins and lookouts. We drove on deeply rutted roads and creek beds, which most of us would not drive our cars over! New friendships were made and existing ones renewed. A great time was had by all. Thanks to David Jarman and David Morton.

Graham & Sharon Brown



  • David Jarman is ‘’Tour Leader par excellence’’. He looks after his group with kindness and care.
  • The wheels of the bus go round and round and round and … (should that be ‘coach’?). Unless it’s a dirt road when judder, judder, judder is added.
  • An Elder of the Adnyamathanha people -Ringo- welcomed us to Country. There are some sites where tourists can see relics and art work from the past.  Some sites are no longer available because some tourists abused the areas and destroyed sacred images.
  • The Flinders Ranges are unbelievably beautiful in many lights. Depending of the time of day, in the morning or direct sunlight there are all the tawny browns, off whites, yellow ochres and orangey-reds. In the afternoon and evening, the colours change to deep blue melting into purples and maroons.
  • The age of the Flinders Ranges is mind-boggling. It’s hard to imagine that some fossils are 600 million years old and the Pound has been hollowed out by erosion over millions of years.
  • It is sad to see that the vegetation is so sparse for sheep and native animals in the spring. Imagine what it will be like when the weather is so hot during summer.
  • There are stories to be told about some brave and some foolish men and women from the past. Look up Wakefield’s contribution to the area or Hugh Proby who drowned while mustering cattle in 1852.
  • In the past, when it rained, the creeks were raging torrents. The powerful and churning water picked up enormous gum trees as if they were matchsticks and they sometimes jammed to make gnarled sculptures we can see – metres high.
  • There is a wonderful sense of determination from the people we encountered. Take, for instance, the people of Blinman.  Once a thriving town of copper miners, tradesmen and farmers, it has dwindled to a population of 19 – and a baby.  They have worked together to make that town a tourist attraction by opening the mine so that tourists have a glimpse of what it would have been like all those years ago.
  • Thanks to Betty’s CD, I now know from the Andrew Sisters that I can speak to my Dutch Boy by saying: Toodly, toodly, toodly doo; da, da, da, da.
  • The hosts at Rawnsley Park Station looked after us very well. There were always choices for food on the menu, with lamb being featured often.  Some people tried kangaroo for the first time and will never eat it again: others liked it and will eat it in the future.
  • We woke up to birds singing and lovely fresh air. Mind you, the breezes were nippy.
  • Flies were persistent and annoying. Fly veils were useful, but some pesky little flies came down to Adelaide for a free ride in the coach.
  • South Australia is, and should be, proud of the wonderland that is the Flinders Ranges.

Ruth Boschma             *******








2nd Visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service – 11th July 2019

Marion Probus group with the new RFDS jet





We are pleased to report that our second visit to this centre was a great success and we had a good response, with Members lunching at the Lobethal Bakery in Balhannah and then on to the Centre. Thanks to John Stewart for stepping in for Garry James at this outing and for offering our thanks and appreciation.


We are pleased to report that our third visit to this centre was a great success and we had a good response. Thanks to Colin Watchman for stepping in for Garry James at this outing and for offering our thanks and appreciation



It was a cold and showery morning, that 22 brave souls, all members of Marion Probus Club, gathered on the steps of Adelaide’s Parliament House, in North Terrace. We assembled inside the stunning Entrance Hall and after a Security check and we were met by Corey Wingard MP and his assistant Kimberley Getsi. This area is absolutely beautiful and is indicative of the rest of this imposing building.

We then proceededed to the halls of the House, admiring and listening to the explanations of the assorted paintings along the way. We then entered the Library and saw the memorabilia of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the house in 1954. As well we saw the menu for the Banquet held in her honour. Wow!

Onward to the Chamber of the Lower House and we were invited to sit at, both the Government seats and the Opposition seats. Some of our group chose to sit on the Cross Benchers’ seats. President Graeme hall was invited to sit in the Speaker’s Chair and looked very regal and imposing!

From there we went to the Chamber of the Legislative House and again we used the Government and the Opposition seats, whilst Corey Wingard explained he workings of the respective Houses. This was a most informative tour with many questions and appropriate answers form our Host, Corey Wingard MP.

Many photos were taken and so we have made a short video of the occasion and this can be seen by clicking on here.    https://vimeo.com/342870833


On the 29th May twelve members and partners ventured on the Holdfast Bay Recycling tour with Sharni (Holdfast Bay Council) as our guide and Richard our driver on a 13-seat minibus.

First, we went into Solo Resources at North Plympton to view what is done with the rubbish we put out in our collection bins.

Then we ventured to Wingfield to tour the Visy Recycling depot to see how plastics, cardboard and other recycling items are separated, we were also advised what items are a cause of concern in the recycling process. A few tips were also given to us for items to recycle. Most Interesting!

We then ventured to Electronic Recycling Australia at Underdale to see what happens to our old TV’s Computers, Mobile Phones even toasters and other electrical items that don’t work anymore.

This tour was most informative and enjoyed by all and we thoroughly recommend all to participate in this tour.

Visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, 11th April, 2019

25 Members of our Probus club visited The Royal Flying Doctor Service for a tour of their facilities at West Beach South Australia.


Visit to Australian Lions Hearing Dogs Training Centre

Thursday 14th March, 2019

Twenty eight members and partners visited the centre, where Darren Coldwell talked about how they assist hearing impaired people across all of Australia with a "hearing dog", saw a demonstration of training, saw the training and kennel areas and met some of the dogs in training. Most enjoyed a lunch and leisorely chat at the Lobethal Bakery at Balhanah prior to the visit.

We are pleased to report that our second visit to this centre was a great success and we had a good response, with Members lunching at the Lobethal Bakery in Balhannah and then on to the Centre. Thanks to John Stewart for stepping in for Garry James at this outing and for offering our thanks and appreciation.


Visit to Holdfast Bay Recycling Depot

6th March, 2019

11 Members and partners visited the recycling centre in the morning, where they were shown how the centre operated. It was an excellent tour and another is scheduled for May

Visit to Carrick Hill, Springfiield, Adelaide

Thursday, 13th September, 2018


Sixteen members and partners experienced a delightful morning looking through this magnificent mansion and the beautiful grounds. The house was owned by Sir Edward "Bill" Hayward (the owner of the John Martin's department store) and his wife Lady Ursula, and contains a large collection of drawings, sculptures, antiques and paintings. Carrick Hill is a publicly accessible historic property at the foot of the Adelaide Hills with magnificent views of Adelaide CBD and suburbs. Carrick Hill is fortunate to be one of the few period homes in Australia to survive with its original contents almost completely intact and its grounds undiminished. It was a centre of stylish living and friends hold fond memories of a house constantly filled with laughter, parties, artists, good wine, fine food, music and dancing. Carrick Hill always had an intoxicating atmosphere heady with the scent of masses of flowers from the garden.

After the tour, most members enjoyed a tasty lunch at the pop-up cafe on the rear patio, enjoying the spring sun and spectucalr views


The  South Australian State Library, North Tce, Adelaide

Thursday, 19th July, 2018

Click on the link below  to see description of the visit and photos

South Australian State Library


Railways Museum at Port Adelaide

On Wednesday 14th March 2018, 14 members and partners enjoyed an interesting tour of the Railways Museum at Port Adelaide.

Afterwards they continued this social outing with lunch at the nearby Railway Hotel. Thanks to Bob Brammy & Gary James for organising  the visit.


Metropolitan Fire Station (Wakefield Street, Adelaide)

Tour on Tuesday 13th February was most successful with 28 Probus members some with partners and our tour guide Duncan adding some humour and good displays from other MFS personnel. Brian Wray caught up with a few of his workmates. Lunch was then enjoyed at the Wakefield Tavern. A most enjoyable outing