The Probus Club of Marion

is an autonomous club established under the parent organisation, Probus South Pacific Ltd. ( which was established by Rotary over 40 years ago. Marion Probus has been operating for over 30 years and can have upto 120 members.

A Brief Introduction to Probus Marion



Who can join?

Probus is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends. Membership of the Probus Club of Marion is for men who reside in or near the limits of the City of Marion. Partners are invited to join in the Club's activities.

We welcome new Members and have vacancies right now! If you are a retired or semi-retired business or professional man or similar, and you are attracted by intellectual and cultural activity which is free from the obligation to provide services or raise funds, you may like to join us to enjoy friendship, fellowship and fun. In our club you may discover new horizons and new interests, and extend old ones. If you would like to know more, please click on the following link Contact Us. Attendance at meetings and activities as a “Visitors” are encouraged prior to applying for membership.

Why join?

The basic purpose of Probus is to advance intellectual and cultural interests amongst adult persons; to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities. The interests and activities of members are broad and vary from walking, touring, visiting places of interest around Adelaide and surrounds,10 pin bowling and weekly coffee club. The primary activity however is a monthly meeting at which the ongoing business of the club is discussed and members enjoy a presentation by an invited speaker.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership fees are set annually by a vote of members. The 2020 membership fee is $40 per member. There may be a small cost for some activities covering transport, meals or admission charges when required.







Join Us

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Vale Reports

VALE – Raffen, Don


VALE – FORD Charles

New Members

Induction of Geoff Stone on 2nd December, 2019 meeting

President Graeme Hall with Geoff Stone

Profile: STONE Geoffrey


Induction of Max Neville on 2nd December, 2019 meeting

Profile: NEVILLE Max

President Graeme Hall with Max Neville

Induction of Bob Field on 14th October, 2019 meeting

Profile: FIELD, Bob

President Graeme Hall and Bob Field


Induction of Gary Chilman, Leon Morrish and Brenton Coad at the 5th August , 2019 meeting


Profile: CHILMAN, Gary

Profile: MORRISH Leon

Proflie: COAD, Brenton


President Graeme Hall with Gary Chilman, Leon Morrish and Brenton Coad




Induction of Tony Henwood at the 1st Juy, 2019 meeting

Proflie: HENWOOD, Tony

President Graeme Hall congratulates Tony Henwood

Induction of Geoff Chappill at the 6th May, 2019 meeting

Profile: CHAPPILL, Geoffrey Brian

Induction of Jim Wilson, Graham Gurry, Brian Sexton and Rob Jones at the 1st April, 2019 meeting

Profile: JONES Robert William

Profile: WILSON Jim


Induction of ex-Brighton Men's Probus members, February 2019

25 New members with President Bob Brammy

Following the closure of the Brighton Men's Probus club, 25 members were inducted by President Bob Brammy into the membership of the Probus Club of Marion at it's February 2019 meeting. The members inducted today are: Ray Adair,Roger Baker, Don Bennett, Bill Blair, Ted Coote, Dennis Dale, Fred Gubbins, Rusty Harris, Ted Hayman, Ted Lennox,

Jim McInerney, Liam McKeough, Alan Marriage, Charles Marshall, John Minns, John Murdoch, Graeme Osborn, Henry Parpart, Bert Richardson, Jack Turner, Richard Venable, Silano Viverit, Alan Vowels, Graham Wight and David Wilkinson


Induction of New Member – John Charles, December 2018


President Bob Brammy welcomes John Charles to the membership

Profile: John Charles

Induction of New Member – Geoff Vinall, November 2018

President Bob Brammy and Geoff Vinall (R)

Geoff lives at Seacombe Heights with his wife Heather. They have two children, Todd & Brooke and 5 Grandchildren. Geoff was born in Broken Hill in 1947 and attended the Broken Hill High School and the BH TAFE College. He is a Painter & Decorator by trade.

In 1973 Geoff and his family moved to Adelaide where for 20 years he was a maintenance officer at Westpac. After Westpac restructured their workforce, Geoff worked at several places – Quarry Industries, Cabra College & Back Friars School – until his retirement in 2011.

He is a member of the Southern Country Music Club and enjoys caravanning, touring and gardening. Geoff was “told” to come to Probus after his wife gave him one of the promotional brochures we have in the foyer of Club Marion.

Back in Brocken Hill Geoff either knew or knew of our current members Bob Bagnall, Michael Willemer and Ian Wright.  Geoff also met Gary Millar at Westpac.  It is a small world. We welcome Geoff to Marion Probus Club .