Multicultural Activities

IMG_0756Folk dance  - 1
Folk dance  - 3From time to time we attend dances that are hosted by local ethnic communities such as Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian or Macedonian. We dance and share the food at these events, and over the years we have built up a meaningful relationship with some of their members.

This really gives meaning to the dances we have learned in the Club, with the added bonus of authentic live music. We find that we know many of their dances already, and we can also pick up any additional dance patterns and musical rhythms very quickly.

Many countries offer seminars on their folk traditions, often for periods of 1 or 2 weeks, and several of our members have taken up this option when travelling overseas. This gives a deeper perspective than the normal tourist holiday, and a closer interaction with the locals there. You also meet like-minded travellers from other countries who are there for similar reasons.

The images above were taken at the International Folk Dance Festival held in Varna in August, 2017.