Dance Brackets

Each Živana dance performance consists of a suite of 5-6 choreographed dances chosen from a single country such as:

* Bulgaria – The richness of Bulgarian folk dances is expressed in a wide variety of rhythms and forms.  The Živana performance suite of dances showcases some of the differing dance styles originating from the six ethnographic regions of Bulgaria – Thrace, Pirin, Rhodope, Shoppe, Northern and Dobroudjan.

* Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan dance can be traced back to ancient times when first dances were ceremonial, hunting or rituals. The performance showcases the variety of dances from this unique country with the grand costumes and veils accentuating the grace and vigour of the dances.

* Romania – A rich variety of traditional folk dances still exists in Romania.  Dances performed in each village are often done in a fixed order, the slowest dances first, then sometimes men’s showing off dances, ending with the fast dances. Many Romanian dances are accompanied by loud shouts and calls known as Strigături.

* Armenia – Armenia is a mountainous country bounded in the north by Georgia, the east by Azerbaijan and in the south and west by Turkey and Iran. Some of the Armenian women’s dances performed by Živana have a lyrical style and intricate hand and arm movements while others are vibrant, vigorous and lively.  The beautiful layered costumes are designed on those of the Trapizon region near to the Black Sea coast and they feature a unique sleeve design which accentuates the hand movements of the dances.