Weekly Classes

Each Monday night we begin a little after 7pm with teaching for the first hour, followed by reviews of dances taught in previous weeks. This is taken by some of our more experienced dancers on a roster basis.

We then have a short break for any announcements of interest to the group, then continue with requested dances until about 10pm. Easier dances are done early in the evening, with more challenging ones kept until later, and you can arrive and leave whenever you wish.

Over the years we have collected authentic traditional dances from many countries, and also from regions within those countries – for example, from Greece we have dances from Crete, Pontos, Macedonia, Epirus, and other areas, all with their distinctive styling of the region. From Bulgaria we have dances from Pirin, Dobrudza, Shope, Thrace and others. We have dances from over 20 countries as widely diverse as Scandinavia, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Scotland, USA, to name just a few.

Learning dances with the beautiful accompanying music from many countries will equip you to join in whenever you encounter these communities, either at home or on overseas holidays, and you will also gain their respect for your interest in their cultures.

As part of a group learning new dances you can challenge your brain and build your general fitness.