Performing Group

performing group danceŽivana is one of South Australia’s most accomplished international dance groups specializing in the dances, syncopated rhythms and music of Balkan villages.

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Dancers have been performing together for more than 20 years and have developed their expertise by hosting dance seminars, attending workshops in Australia and by dancing with master teachers and performers at international dance camps in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, the Netherlands (Holland) and America. Members of Živana offer thanks to the following dance specialists who have provided us with dance instruction and/or choreographic advice.

  • Belco, Irena and Julian Stanev (Bulgaria)
  • Mihai David (Romania)
  • Alexandru David (Romania)
  • Steven Karner (Macedonia)
  • Yves Moreau  (Bulgaria)
  • Andre Van der Plas (International)
  • George Tomov (Macedonia)
  • Bora Ozkok (Turkey)
  • Vasily Mouzakitis (Greece)

Živana is unique in that members come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Dancers have come together to enjoy all the benefits of dance while specializing in performances which enable the audience to experience a total combination of feeling, sound, rhythm and costume.